Monday, May 28, 2007

2007-8 Booklist

Third try! Bookclub selections for 2007-8 have been made and what a challenge. Each book was summarized and discussed and a final list made. Then we assign to a month, select a leader and finally choose to have a joke told before each meetings. Our selections range from World is flat(Friedman) non-fiction to the classic of Slaughterhous-Five (Vonnegut) and humour of Plato & Platypus Walk in the Bar (Cathcart). Some are hard and some are easy but we enjoy meeting once a month to discuss and find out how each is doing. Of course, we have a few parties during the year to keep life exciting. Did I miss anything gang? D

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Diane said...

You should find Slaughterhouse Five interesting. Since Vonnegut just died recently, John has been re-reading some of his books. Novels and essays, etc. Will be interested in your book discussions! Welcome to the blogosphere!